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I love it when people tell me how much they appreciate my patterns and show me photos. Way better than demanding I do more for them.
Every time I try to browse art, I spend most of the time reporting misplaced/permission issue deviations and only a tiny bit of time looking at art I like. Basketry and Weavings is like a dumping ground of stupid.
Here's a really cool contest! stockandresources.deviantart.c… the end it features one of my patterns!
I know that a lot of people would like me to include sewing instructions with my patterns. But the thing is that I hate writing the instructions. I know that seems dumb, but it is what it is. I enjoy drafting the patterns, and since I know how to put them together I feel no personal need to write instructions. And I am giving out for free something that is a specialized skill, that I could definitely get paid for doing. (I feel like it is kind of greedy for people to expect me to give them even more!)

So, I am considering that I will write instructions and sell them. The patterns alone will still be up here for free, but if one desired, one would have the choice to buy a hard copy paper pattern with sewing instructions.

Also, I may end up doing some tutorials about some of the special techniques, like how to insert gores into slashes with a smooth point, and how to do the sleeve gussets. (apparently some people have difficulties with those things?) If I have tutorials up here, I can refer people to those rather than having to explain it in the sewing instructions for every single pattern. What a bother that would be!

When I get to the point where I can sell the patterns, they will be available at my Etsy shop. They're not there yet, though.
So, I am writing a book about tablet weaving. It will include lots of instructions and pictures, as well as most of the patterns I've uploaded here (many with improvements) and some new patterns too. I don't know if it will ever get published, and I'm not at the point yet anyway. Trying to pitch a book to a publisher sounds terrifyingly impossible, despite all the horrid knitting books that get published every year. I like to think my book will be a little better than that. I'd really like for it to get picked up, but we'll see.
I've been featured in little things before, but apparently this is something special because I've never gotten hundreds of feedback messages in one day! Yes yes, it's a Daily Deviation. I honestly never expected that.

Thanks everyone! I'll read them all, but I probably won't reply to them all or thank everyone personally, because I don't do that anyway. I am glad you like my patterns, though :)

Anyway, before I saw all that hoopla, I was actually going to point you out to an article on the stock/resources gallery that I'd been featured in.  Great for learning more about that gallery! Here it is:  The ABCs of Stock and Resources, part 1…

Check out the rest of the series too :)
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When I get my data off my old hard drives, I will probably upload a lot of patterns. I also have a large amount of costumes waiting to be photographed, so eventually that will lead to a big influx of deviations. In the meantime, I'm going to continue this semi-dormancy.
Some pretty cool changes to the Artisan Crafts sub-categories are listed out in this news article:…

Luckily, I don't have to move any of my items (I think), all craft artisans should check it out so they know what's what!
My clothes gallery is in a sad and deplorable state. Half of that stuff I don't even own anymore. Most of it needs new photos because I altered the item somehow. And of course I have a lot of clothing that has never been photographed (or has terrible photographs, which prohibited me from posting them).

I have to try really hard to remember to get photos when I'm wearing those items.

I have this urge to delete the deviations of the stuff I don't have anymore, but that doesn't really seem fair.
In honor of Halloween, this is a spotlight on what I think are some of the best costumes I've seen here on DA. Except that I don't have a sub, do I can't do thumbnails. You'll have to blindly follow links, sorry.

I guess I base my criteria on how much of it was handmade, the complexity of sewing, and completeness of costume, using extras and accessories like makeup, prostheses, and masks. Red Death (from Phantom of the Opera) Princess Helga Gluck This is a black light photo of the same Twi'lek (Star Wars) Autumn fairy Gargoyle Cristel Death Beaker, Dr. Honeydew, Waldorf, Statler (The Muppet Show) Jack Skellington, Lock, Shock, Barrel (The Nightmare Before Christmas) Death at the Ball Tree Man Bats Faun Emily (Corpse Bride)
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Here's something awesome!…

It's a news article that's a collection of medieval clothing. I'm pointing you to it not because it features some of mine (after all, if you're reading this journal, that probably means you're watching me and have already looked at my deviations), but because it has a lot, I mean a LOT, of really awesome pieces of garb. A lot that I hadn't even seen before, which is saying something because I try pretty hard to find all the medieval clothing I can on this site. So, go check it out!
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So, let me get this straight. There's no way for the large image size on deviations to be automatic? I have to click on it every single time I look at a deviation?

And the web designers didn't realize how freakin annoying that is? They didn't realize what a waste of time it is to wait for the page to load twice? They didn't realize how it's completely counter to their efforts to make browsing on DA a faster, more streamlined process?
I am making a lot of new stuff right now, but I'm not getting photos. My sister accidentally took the camera with her to Idaho, and who knows when I'll get it back. Also, I'm having a booth at an event at the end of May, and I don't want to put the new stuff on Etsy until after that, and I usually don't photograph stuff until I'm making the Etsy listing. Selling stuff in real life is better. No Etsy fees, no Paypal fees, no shipping. Just the booth fee, which fortunately is really low for this event. And camping for 4 days in a merch tent. I have yet to figure out all the logistics. This will be my first time vending solo.
Well, now I have a fan page on Facebook for my Etsy store.…

Unfortunately, when I was trying to make a username for the fan page to get a shorter url to it, the username got applied to my personal facebook profile. Which totally effing sucks because there's no way to edit or even delete your username. Once you have it, you're stuck with it until the end of time. The only way to get around it is to delete your facebook account altogether and then make it again and start completely over. LAME! Facebook is making me angry. Why would they even implement a feature that isn't editable? Websites like that need to have everything be editable. Now I'm stuck with this stupid effing username that was supposed to be for my store. I don't want to be defined by my store! It's something I do, but it's not who I am. Argh.
I've made a fair amount of spring/summer-type clothes this winter in my pining for warmth. I can't wait to wear them and get photos. It snowed a ton today, so that's not going to happen soon :( I also need to get new photos of stuff that I've altered. Someday.
I currently have a cap of 24 patterns in my gallery. Meaning that when I upload a new pattern, I delete an old one. But I'm thinking, since my patterns seem to be the most popular thing I post, perhaps I should expand that number?  I originally instated the cap to sort of try to keep a low profile because I didn't want people stealing my patterns and trying to pass them off as their own. But, eh, it's not like I'm making money off of the patterns, and I don't include instructions. I also felt like the patterns were totally overwhelming my gallery, but I think that's under control by not putting them in "featured".

So what do you think? Should I move the pattern allotment up to 48 or something?
Spring is coming. I know this because I have a cold, and I always get a cold when winter turns to spring.

Oh man I seriously have nothing to say.
Just wanted to say that all my purses are 25% off for February!…

February always has a sudden, unexpected warm spell for a while, but of course it always goes back to freezing again before spring truly comes. But today is rather nice, sunny, with springlike temperatures. I mean I can go outside wearing a light jacket and feel great (not like I'm about to die!). I should be out there enjoying it. I was going to take the dogs on a walk, but they are both in heat, and I'd rather not take the risk of running into any other dogs.
When I start obsessing over sewing loose, flowy dresses and blouses with lots of gathers and short, puffy sleeves, that means I'm ready for winter to end already.
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I think it's kind of ridiculous that I have so few clothing items and so many costume items. I mean, yes, I do sew a lot of costumes to sell them. But surely I've made more clothing than what I have in my gallery? It seems like I have. What's really going on here is that I've made a lot of failures, so that the clothing that gets uploaded here in no way reflects the actual amount of sewing I've done.

I'm going on a cruise this month, and I only have three summer dresses. Three dresses for ten days? I don't think so. I don't want to load up my suitcase with separates, but that's just what I have to choose from.  I've been telling myself to make more dresses for myself for months, but of course I never did. I took advantage of the rare lucid, motivated moments I had to make stuff to sell to try to survive.

Well today, I'm going to do something for myself. First I have to finish the bra I've been working on, then make some new bloomers, then I'll sacrifice some of my garb fabric to make myself a new dress. That's a lot of sewing for one day, but it's not like I have anything else to do.

Also I joined a new group, :iconneedles-and-thread:. (I'm also in :iconhistoryfashionlovers: )